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I can't solve number 9 ?

Ah, that's weird : It is a game I wish I loved. But the puzzle are interresting, But I can feel that I am colonizing Mars. So I can stick to it.

And it might actually come from a very tiny thing : the fact that the 3 way repartiter creates 3 "crystals" sprite (which is my mind is local ore) instead of "energy" sprite (used crystals, turned into energy) breaks my immersion...

I see what you mean! There is this extra abstraction step :(

Wow, original and well made game!


This game is simple, smart and beautiful, I bought it on steam, and I have 4 hours of playtime, still not finished it. Totaly worth it. (And I really like that these levels are not in the game)

Interesting puzzle nice work! It's an infinite game with generated levels or you pre-defines levels?


Oh no it's just a couple of pre-defined levels! Thank you!


I love this so much, It's very interesting <3 <3 keep up with good work!