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This is a short and fast minimal roguelike where you do everything by shaking, rolling and choosing dice.

You might get scared when the game begins and everything starts happening,
if that happens please keep calm and save the world in an orderly fashion.

If you like this game, send me a message! I have a development discord where you can see how my new games are being made!

Join the community - https://discord.gg/2JRjkku

Maybe buy me a coffee? :)  https://ko-fi.com/H2H7P1PM

This was my entry for 7DRL.
Everything was done in 7 days with a budget of 5$.
Money went for that great stock music from MACHINIMASOUND.
Sounds are mostly from the awesome Sonniss library! www.sonniss.com

I'd like to improve this game soon!
There's potential in there, but 7 days wasn't enough to make it perfect. :(
I made myself a challenge to make it a mobile-friendly game and I beat it!
Maybe that's going to be a mobile game one day.


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how does this work? I get that you're supposed to click, hold, and shake to randomize the dice, but is there any downside to just clicking all of them after rolling

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rip game. will there be a flashless port?


I hope so! Honestly all I need is a week to port it. I'll probably do that in April! Right now Winter Falling has all my time.

rip game port

Context3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support.

try this if you need some ideas:

stackoverflow.com - context3d-not-available-when-forcing-software-rendering-in-flash