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Happy Final Day!

Tonight you finally got a date with the girl of your DREAMS!
Don't blow it.

Discuss the game - https://discord.gg/2JRjkku

Maybe buy me a coffee? :)  https://ko-fi.com/H2H7P1PM


Here's a special little game I made for New Year's!

I was feeling down lately so I decided to make a weird game. Initially made for StencylJam, but Stencyl turned out to be a terrible tool crashing all the time so it took me 3 weeks to finish this game. It's terrible but I had fun making it, more fun than with anything else this year.

Happy New Year everyone! :D


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geez thats a little dark. great movie premise tho


I love that concept it was a amazing experience Well Done dude it was really great. It makes my day good


This game made me cry at the end. (I suck at precise mouse movement tho)


It first felt like, not a simulation, but an interpretation of the human flirting, it was taking more and more shape with the time, and in the end there was this plot twist that actually felt like in real life, but better, because you know, im bad talking... cough* flirting even more...

A really good experience! over all the anxiety! good one!


Sorry to say but Flash is not the best platform to use. The game crashed my browser twice. Couldn't get it to run. I'm staying away from any Flash games from now on.


k has anyone had an actual perfect run on this i just cant


i did

used a touchscreen

and the same thing happened

except he doesnt burp at the penguins question

he just says um uh...

and the end says didnt die alone on the top right

so idk


i played the game and i really liked the end! IT WAS AWESOME!!


I don't understand the ending :/ did they die??????


yes! they're having a first date on the last day of living. It's called the final day because the world is ending on the day they have their date :3



Man, I SUCK at precise mouse movement :D
Great game though!

aw thanks!

Awesome! The art, story, mechanics, music, and how it all fit together... a great little game!


This is legitimately the most frustrating game I have ever played. I am close to tears, and kind of almost mad? Because it's adorable, and a really freaking cool concept, and I want to experience it, but I just can't! The very mechanic that makes this so interesting is making me never want to look at it again. I think this could be easily fixed if the game saved after answering each question, so I don't have to restart the entire game and click through tons of dialogue and get through all of the previous "move the white ball" games if I screw up. It's supposed to be hard to pick the truth options, maybe a little stressful. Not fighting sans in undertale style spirit breaking, repetitive and unavoidable failure. I guess maybe I'm a freak for being so determined to pick the truthful responses. Is it supposed to be impossible? Is this a commentary on how sometimes you just can't make the words come out, no matter how hard you want to, how hard you try? 

... I'm sure I sound insane. It's just been a while since I've had to actually give up on a game due to difficulty lol


Sorry I'm so late, myl ife's a bit of a mess haha!

Yeah, that's exactly the thing I was going for, a little metaphor how difficult it is and stressful. You don't sound insane, aActually the last stage is impossible. Second to last is very difficult but possible!

I hope you don't stay mad :( 

But thank you for playing!

extremely difficult but not impossible you can complete it by using the ctrl+alt+tab glitch 

huh maybe i'll try that


or u can just use a touchscreen


the last ones not impossible

i beat it

i used a touchscreen

You don't need to beat the dexterity puzzles to finish the game. Don't restart, just keep going.


It wasn't enjoyable to me lmao


so cute! ❤️



Where did the game go? I don't seem to be able to play it anymore :(

oh no :(

it's probably just your browser, it's blocking flash, easiest way to fix that is to open this page in Firefox. Sorry for the trouble, I'll do something about this!

Oh, it's Flash! Ok then, was just worried that this little jem might be unavailable anymore, as I wanted to show it to someone :) Good!

I originally wanted to release this on Valentine's day, but I had other things come up and ended up forgetting about it until now lol.

Anyways, I LOVED this so much and really had such a fun time playing it!!! It's not terrible and I will fight anyone that says otherwise.

***SPOILER*** I really liked how the questions played out in the end. I thought I was screwed and I'd have to play through it again to get a different ending (who knows, there might be more than one, but I haven't had a chance to play it again outside of recording), but how it went back and gave me a second chance at the questions I flubbed up on was so unexpected and made me so giddy.

Rarykos (I believe you're the sole developer), you are so flipping amazing and I love you for making this game cuz it really brightened up my day afterwards, despite the kind of sad/happy ending. Don't stop making games like these and have some faith in your own abilities! :D


Oh my gosh this is super cute! I loved it^^

It's sweet and fun :D The conversation is light and adorable ! I definitly enjoyed it

Hey thank you very much! :) I'm happy you had a fun time!


that was the saddest and happiest game i ever played


You lied to me >:O

It's not terrible, it's cute and fun and true on many levels :P

I made a let's play of my run. Hope it helps ^^

hahaha oh I can't watch this! :<


Don't be embarrassed D: It had a great story, and it was adorable. You did a great job with this!

Its quite adorable


I'm really happy you like it! :D

yep! ^_^


This is a little gem. Thank you for making this :)


This is a really cool game. I like how it's easier to tell a lie then the truth XD That is so true on SO many levels.

I hope you doing well also, life can be hard, but you got to keep going, if you don't then well, games like this would not be possible.


And this Story may or may not happen to you one day, just keep searching and do what makes you happy if you ever feel bad. MMmmmbbrrgglll ( Translation: Make another game and show your feelings to the world )


oh my... thank you for these awesome words, I really needed them!

I'll keep this all in mind, thank you, you've really made my day! I'll keep going!