Can you defend Winterfell better than Game of Thrones screenwriters could?

**NEWS - due to the surpising positive reception of this little game I'm making a full game made with this system, thank you! See how it's being made - **

Tonight's the night!
The undead army is at your doorstep, only your castle walls stand in its way to total domination.
Withstand the siege and survive until dawn! Winter Falling castle cannot fall.

Survival will require sacrifice...

  • Build trenches and set them on fire when needed.
  • Place units in strategic locations to create chokepoints.
  • Give orders to boost morale and crush the incoming undead.
  • Survive until dawn!

Discuss your strategies on discord -

A well-trained eye might spot many and many references to the Game of Thrones series.
This is my little homage to their Winterfell battle. I'd like to give you a chance to command a better defense than the show had.


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Great Game! Can't wait for full game but I wish it was a little easier , just a little because challenging games are fun. Maybe you could add assist mode and a story mode for story enthusiasts.

Again, the game is great. I recommend to play this game if you like strategical games         :)

Rating -> 9.8 / 10


im going to be completely honest here. 

the game is amazing with the balancing of units, but the dragon's breath is overpowered if used correctly.

ive been able to demolish the waves by only targeting the enemies that give the ability points.

all in all i give this game a 9/10

only reason for not having a perfect score is the length of the game

i hope to see the developer expand this game a ton!

signing off


Super fun !


Well executed game, no bugs, a gem, well done! Hope you will share some info other than discord here on itch!


After playing the game over and over, it is still an amazing game that has good graphics and gameplay.

Also, reading through the discord channel, the update is going to be sweet!  
                     I give it a definite 5/5


one thing, this game is great... my suggestion, is that every stage we are allowed to take another unit however the larger the group is the harder to mobilize it... 

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I've never watched GoT and I'm not interested at all, but I do love the idea of taking an event of a passive medium of fiction and giving people the opportunity to make things differently. This is a difficult game with nice graphic design, a decent soundtrack, and the gameplay is simple but fun indeed.

Not everyhing is explained in-game. I know not if this is because of laziness / oversight (which I've seen , but it might aswell could be intentional, and honestly I do appreciate this, because the fundamentals are still explained, and the lack of advanced guidance makes the player think and experiment for himself, which I appreciate a lot.

But no game is perfect, and so I have to say that the planning system is rather ... counter intuitive, to be honest. It's rather obnoxious to find out that you've misplaced one or two units when you're almost done and then have to go back 5 different mini menus. Having one entire menu for all units, similar to a tower defense game, makes much more sense and is way better to deal with, especially after the first level is already done and all the units introduced.

That being said, I give this game a rating of 5 / 5.

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I just saw what you (i.e. the dev) have planned, documented in the Discord Server. This looks very interesting, and my rating is mostly based on what is already there and is barely about what could be there. This game is already neigh flawless, but what you've planned, if you manage to implement it, would make this game much more fun. I'm hyped.

So I guess, 6 / 5 for anticipation? :D

I've did it !

And guess what, when you win the next stage  is ... do it again, but this time the undead will be quicker !!! (and your unit will have -1 move point ...).

For a good strat: max unit on the battle fiel, concentration of all unit on a portion of the map, and wait the undead are on them to light the trench, ... if you can !


And finally after 3 stages ! I beat the game !

Thanks to the author of it ;) it was a nice moment.

I'm finding it impossible to drag my artillery units and use them effectively. What am I doing wrong?


Has anyone beaten this? I feel like it's impossible

never mind just got it. Fun game!


too hard :(

11/10 I'm really excited for a full game to come out


Very interesting; quite difficult, but that might just be me being bad at strategy games in general.

Good job :)

Nice game


Thank you!