Wishlist the game on Steam to be notified when it comes out -  https://store.steampowered.com/app/1285060

This is the 2nd prototype of the full game! Follow the development -  https://discord.gg/zGwhYvd

***Update 1.1***

  • Changed gold rewards system.
  • Ability to disband banners
  • Big balance changes
  • Upgrades restructured.
  • The king no longer hits charging units


  • press C to activate, once ON you won't score at the end of the game, so you might want to press Clear Data during pause)
  • press G to gain Gold
  • R to restart battle at will
  • press T to gain Time Shards
  • press 1-0 to switch levels at will
  • press D on battle preview screen for a surprise. Might  wanna reload the page once you're done.

Winter Falling is a strategy roguelike inspired by FTL and Total War. The undead are coming - only you can stop them. Travel across the crumbling empire. Gather support. Make enemies. Lead troops in tense tactical battles, just you and your brain against the dying world... Make maps in the map editor, challenge friends!


  • COMMAND your army in battles: Battles play out in real time, but can play at your own speed, just pause and ponder. You will need to pause often, battles require many difficult decision, every second full of tension!
  • Plan your STRATEGY outside battles: Manage your army on the worldmap. Here you will gather support, rest, make friends or enemies. Will your army be well-fed and well-paid? Or will you loot cities to fill your chest? Will you save the empire?
  • CUSTOMIZE your army: You choose what orders to use, what items to take, what units to put into battle, which road to go.
  • Strategy focused on SKILL rather than chance: Every decision is yours to make. Every fault yours to bear. No chances to hit, no random unfair percentages.
  • TRAVEL across the crumbling empire: Explore, gather support, make friends and enemies. Learn the history of the land. A uniquely generated path for your every journey.
  • Be the Commander you WANT: Hundreds of tough choices await you. Will your army be a force for good? Or will you stir conflict and chaos in the land?
  • Craft YOUR BATTLES: Use the in-game map editor to create your own battles, share them easily with a copy-paste!
  • Inspired by the CLASSICS: FTL, Total War, Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat, Invisible Inc, Atom Zombie Smasher.

Copyright 2020 Arkadiusz Rębacz. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Arkadiusz Rebacz.


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That was so fun! It would be great if you bring multiplayer to the game. I wish you continued success

This game is so fun

You can beat the game with only peasants wow

Oh boy, pressing D does a LOT. It ****** so **** of the ******

I would love if it was possible to give orders while the pause is on, like in FTL.


it stucked on "downloading 90%"

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Oh wow, Dragon's Breath lights trenches? That's cool!

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This is a great game,but how do I earn points??Because I cant get farther than the second battle ,and is their a way to restart the game?


Well you earn coins for every battle! Later on also for rescuing civilians. And you can reset the game when you press SpaceBar or pause the game during any battle. There's a button that says "Clear Save Data"!

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But, when I am clicking space bar nothing happens.I dont have any credits and so cant start a battle and so I am not able to restart

You can disband unitys for more credits. Remember, you don't need to hire every single unity to win. Heroes, swordsman and catapults/longbows will easily get you through the first few levels with some good strategy.

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oh ok thanks alot.I didn't know that.

Lol I accidently wrote unity instead of units I've been using unity game engine for WAY too long.

Well since the dev is here I want to tell you personally that I absolutely LOVE the style of the game, it's quite unique. However, the coins system could use some rebalancing as new players tend to go bankrupt before they reach the boss. There should be a tutorial on managing the currency. I also loved the first Winter Falling, it was a fair challenge but I somehow got to the top of the leaderboard (I think)!

This is a pretty fun and very polished coffee-break strategy game.  I really like the clean iconographic aesthetic, and it feels great when your tactics work out just right and you slaughter the entire enemy force with no losses.  The special orders are really satisfying to use and can really turn things around when used wisely.

I wasn't a big fan of the extremely limited movement, as it made the game feel more like tower defense than what I was expecting; this was particularly frustrating when it came to rescuing peasants.  I also found the economy to be very strict, but I assume this is working as intended to put a lot of pressure on unit deployment and dismissal.

I think a possible area for improvement would be in how to play.  I had no clue what I was doing at first, and it took some stumbling to work things out.  There are some mechanics that I'm still not clear on, like how the special orders (e.g. Dragon Breath) are unlocked, how the "reset cooldown" banner works, or exactly what I earned from saving peasants (I think a popup hint said they give you gold, but I still always had virtually nothing after each mission).

Great work!

Each peasant you save gives you one coin. The special orders require tokens to use, which you get from killing the enmies with the round tokens in the corner of their icons. Banners activate when you move units over them. And try to use the upgrades tab to get gold.


Whoa, love this game! The aesthetic is unique and feels great. I love that it feels like you are looking at the battle from a map, like you really are the general of these armies making orders from afar. The mechanics are really easy to grasp, and the progressions feels good. When I was in a tense battle and got to use some of the powerful abilities at a crucial moment, it felt awesome! The UI and music are also very well done and fit the theme perfectly. The only thing that really hung me up for some reason was the icon on the map screen that was pointing at your next battle, I don't know why but it took me a little while to figure out what to click on. Maybe adding an outline to the icon you need to click on to make it stand out would help. Definitely wishlisting this! Would also love to see it on mobile so I could play on the go :) Great job!


Nice game!  :P

Saw that flash player went down so decided to see if i could find some games from my childhood that weren't butchered and found this. Really loved it. Keep it up!

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Very nice game! Got a score of 56. The mechanics felt more streamlined than in the earlier version.

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I finished this good game many times, and you made a very great job. But i noticed an thing:

The Unit Veteran « Heavy SwordsMen » is too cheat, just with that and the trenches, you can win the game too easily

Edit: If you, players, want a hint for the last difficulty, try light spearman and trenches because they are a VERY good strategy, The spearmen’s attack deals 2 damage and is fastest than the enemy, and they not have a too expensive cost, with this strategy, I win the game another time with 204 in score 

(Sorry if my English is bad, but i’m a french player, and I really wanted to tell to the dev they doing an good job)

you can beat the game with any two units if you have some good strategy(not counting the Crow)

Do you have an html version of this? I'd love to put this on my website.


Sounds like stealing

1 this is from almost 4 months ago so idk why respond now, and 2 i was gonna give full credit and leave a link to here but nevermind i guess

you're not even the dev so idk why you'd care anyways

Bruh I'm joking

my highscore is 58

Very nice game! But I kinda feel the final battle is easier than the previous :/


I beat the game archers only. Just two archers and a score of 789! Beat that! lol I love this game! Great job creating it!

Thank you! Well done on that score, impressive!

OH god, how have you got that score that's amazing!

Took me a few days, but here we go. Your turn again ;-) I think another 30 or so points should be possible if you get the upgrades in the right order.

archers only? nice!


Anyone beat this?

Wow! Great job! I think there is one person on the discord community with a better score. But it's really mostly about luck at that level.

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Thanks. What was the score? Is the Discord public btw?

Yup, it's public, it's just a community discord, and I'm sharing development updates there and gathering ideas and feedback !
I'm pretty sure anyone above 700 cheated :(

Can I join?

Sure! :D
It's here: https://discord.gg/zGwhYvd

Deleted 181 days ago

I got actualy 849 right now xD


i always wanted a game so simallar to this. Do i have my permisson to make some YouTube videos on this game?

Sure, absolutely!

ok thank you


Wow what a fantastic game! Simple but also unique and compelling. A couple comments about what some others have previously said.

-Some units seem to stray away from battle lines when the villagers are asking to be rescued. This is often problematic and breaks up lines and strategy.

- Secondly, the pause option is nice but I feel like it breaks up the game too much and too often. It would be a nice option for starting levels but as the game progresses it should be taken away especially if the game is ever is put into a multiplayer context. Also, maybe slow down the pace of the game if this is this is the case? Decreasing attack speed, and movement speeds could all be viable options for making multiplayer viable for molding this into more of an rts style game.

- Also, the movement options are very restrictive in my opinion. The meta, and way the mechanics work out with limited movement per cooldown incentivizes static gameplay from the majority of units. Although a fun strategy, it feels somewhat limiting. In my opinion, movement options ought to be more free where the speed at which that unit moves is determined by the unit type. Not where the unit type determines the distance it can move in a single turn.

- Finally, movement (as previously mentioned) and charge options should not be locked or on cooldowns. Charge in particular, should be associated with some cost/benefit calculation (ie. more susceptible to spearmen, ranged fire  while charging etc) but locking it really does not feel good and as mentioned before, is very limiting on strategic options. 

- Terrain could also be used more creatively,  high ground low ground bonuses, choke points etc...

- Like I said before, I see the biggest improvement in the game being made by taking away the pause function and slowing things down across the board so decisions can be made in real time and there is a bit more quick thinking involved. Other options like break free, armor up etc. should be locked up until a certain point. But the locking of charges, and the cooldown on movement is just too crippling for a strategy game like this.

The game has been incredibly fun, scored 200 something with outlaws and had a blast! I'm not sure if the developers intend on making it multiplayer, but if they do it would offer a vast amount of replay-ability, faction development, and competitiveness. Again thanks for a great game! If some of these things are considered I would be more than happy to drop money for a promising game like this.

Thank you! Great feedback!


good game but please post a downloadable version

if you have the itch app you can download it. even though it says downloading it works

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BTW I defeated the final boss on the hardest difficulty with 2  archers, and sold the rest of my army to get this score you might want to look into that.

That's the best strategy! Although there are a couple ways to win!


Did it, with Royals. 3 is my High Score. ^___^ Ok, not huge, still cute victory!

Haha nice! Well done anyway! Most people struggle with the first battles :D


44 is my highest score

That's very good! Thanks for playing to the end!

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i love it ive always wanted a game like this

This is a really cool game! Great job!

Hell yeah! been waiting for this one! Love the rouge-lite feel to it

this could be a grate multiplayer game something like Attacker and defender

or just battle in several  rounds (like days)


Congratulations on such a great game.  Just finished it and already wanna try to beat my score.

Thank you! Glad you had fun.



i won the game without dying once! i had to make loads of tough choices to be able to get troops. super fun game. i neeeeeed more!!!!

cant wait for the full release! best of luck!

Thank you very much! :D


i want a dowloadble version plz


This game is awesome! I can't stop playing and trying to beat my score. What's your guys's high score? My record is 423 points on nightmare mode.


This is wonderful game which leading to uncontrolable 1 hours playing without stop. Thanks for creating such wonderful game, I add this game into my steam account too, hope this will coming ASAP. hahaha.


1. The village and forest give me some thing but not sure what it is but could be insteresting to hold, or for other battle model, like protect the village for 2 mins.../Or could we build up moat?

2. Can we rotate 45 degree when we place the armor?Or Triangle armor

3. From mount to plain we should move faster, and archor have higher attack

I will buy it.


The currency feels really restrictive and makes me sad, if my units don't die I shouldn't need to pay for them again.

Mhm you're right, it is a bit restrictive... Thanks for playing!


An idea:

if they live you pay a little as wages.

if they die you pay full price as compensations to their families.

oh that's a nice idea! I'll keep it around


Hi, is the full version going to be available on itch.io as well? If yes, is it going to be under this page or a new one?


Hey! Most likely it will get its own page. It might be a bad decision, but I'd like to keep this version for posterity. 


Played the first winter falling sometime ago and loved the concept. I do programming myself and made a game similar but with Zombies etc.

I constantly come back to itch and yesterday saw this come up and got extremely excited because I played the other one admittedly for an hour everyday here and there. The step forward with this is not only the right choice imo, it has more than enough potential to be a much larger game in which I would pay for if I had to (love strategy type games). I beat and win everytime.

My only comment on this prototype is that is freezes at one point after cheats are used and you go back to play the other levels again, but is very minor, otherwise everything runs smoothly and as it should(Ive played it multiple times today and still not bored)

Keep this going and on full blast, its god damn amazing.

Oh that's so nice to hear! Thank you very much! Hmm I don't know why it freeze,s I'll have to figure it out. Thanks a lot, I hope it won't disappoint!


Great game ! I love the artstyle and the overall concept ! I'm really into strategy games and its right away really appealing to me.

I only managed to get the boss down to 18hp with the peasants, it wasnt easy haha.

Here are some things I thought about while playing :

- I could use a bit more gold, even though you get upgrades through the game, it feels more like you are downgrading all the time, because you cant use those shiny troops you just unlocked, you simply cant afford it. I'd like to have an army as big as on the screenshots for the boss ! (I showed up with 1 peasant haha, I know, theres room for improvement)

- I thought that I could be able to move on the campaign map, which could be cool, but it wasnt that big a deal.

- I would have liked the option to pause the battle while still being able to give orders (I think its not possible?), instead of having to click a random order to have a quick pause to think.

- sometimes my troops would attack when I wanted them to stay, and vice versa.

The different strategies feel pretty unique, I like it a lot.

I wishlisted the game, looking forward for updates :)

Oh these are good points! Thank you very much! I'm really happy you had a fun time!

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