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really fun, i binged and finished this game on my 2nd try even tho i have assignments and stuff to do lol

Such a well-balanced game. It's like do you want to have an easy fight and spend all your money on troops okay, but that means that three battles down the line you are going to be fighting harder enemies with one or two troops. To counteract the whole penny-pinching you can buy upgrades effects by killing enemy soldiers, meaning that all you really need to win a fight is one or two troops and a heck of a lot of battle strategy. 

9/10 probably the funnest battle strategy game I've ever played and I hope Rrykos keeps on making such amazing games.

I absolutely love this! Everything about it is perfect <3

oh my god there needs to be an "are you sure" screen when you hit clear data cause I was trying to launch an attack in the corner and hit the button on accident.

330 points (Hard Mode with 110 coins at the end) The Kingdom will dance butt ass naked and vibing with their Crow King

Fighting Experience: Light Spearman and Archers. Those are INCREDIBLY GOOD, especially when they are veteran. You can use only that to outlast the game. Any other units more than that is to combat the problem of your spearmen get slaughter, need replacement for 6c and you would have sobed thinking you would have rather hire the catapaults to do the heavy lifting to save the men from death. Always positioned your troops as close as possible to energy coins(or whatever you called that). Structural defeciencies can be covered through the use of Move order to retreat and form back the battle line. Consider if it's worth it to save the peasents for often time, saving them is at the detriment of your front got incredibly exposed/kill out instantly, and the back with ranged units got absoulutely flanked and raped by the enemy. Towards the two end battle, especially at Hard Mode, rescuing the peasents is just enough to break even with the lost of Light Spearmen or the recuitment of another melee units. So yeah, consider (I don't care an f about the peasants and nigh never save them, dead man don't talk)

Economic Experience: Upgrade all stats related skills in the skill tree. 3 Battles leading to the final one, researching only the thing that help you gain coins. At the final battle, sell everything you got, excluding ranged units and Light Spearmen (They are OP) The Demon King is actually not that scary, heck I would even said the Dragons are more fearsome cus they caused chain damages. One Dragon Breath, 3 volleys of arrows, an Armour Up to tense the front and a Break Out order is enough to lop the King head

You may also need to Try and Error, for often times in a Hard Mode battle, bring in the catapults prove overkil, while not bringing it CAN be cheaper, but require more neurons exercise and precise timing of delivering orders (which I guess ya not really gud at)

Score freakingly high is very possible, but requires some neurons excercise,  positional imagining and some dumb luck (you deliver the order right before your units get slaughter for instance) 

For me, can smb make the best wargame, one that is as tactical as this one, as economically and logistically related like Call of War, as strategical like some firm or business super-hardcore you-are-newbie-in-the-field-and-the-global-comeglorate-is-commin-to-get-ya game. Heck, even if it has a learning curve of one year and 99 bucks? Shut up and take my money!

I think it would be awesome to add choices with depth; choose the next path, the dialogue line... 
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I just finished the original yesterday and stumbled across this in my recommendation loved the original so glad you expanded it this is awesome too

XD you can fail immediately by declining to help at the start


nice game, i won on hard mode first try


This is very nice. My only gripe is about chasing the flags for coins during the battle - or, rather, if I win the battle too fast, I miss on the extra loot. :p Otherwise it had a perfect gameplay loop to hook me in, I just had to play it through in one go.


Such an amazing game, I will buy it the moment it releases on steam

Thank you!


This was pretty fun

Thank you :D


I like this game.

Once we win wars, we can't earn enough money to win other wars.
Increase the amount of revenue from wars.


I think it's balanced nicely. You have to choose what you want in a battle and if you want it all it will cost you in the next battle. Even selling companies to keep afloat is a very nice mechanic. I just won the game with 92 coins - it's not impossible if you use the commands efficiently.

i think i am noob and i need easy ways :D xd

what font are you using for the title, it looks familiar

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Made it myself! But everything small is Hightower font.

huh, it looks like the font used by neophyte, that's interesting

Oh neophyte is a much newer game (2022) than this prototype (2020). It's just easy to create similar looking gold titles :D

when there's only one type of units the player doesn't have and reinforcement comes the game stops

is it a bug ?

Ah, I played this game few months ago and have problems with find it now. Nice game. Definitely better than last season of GoT ;)

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I got a really pathetic score of 1

Edit: 15

I just don't understand the coin pacing at all. You can have like, at most, two units each round if you want to get to the end, assuming you take all of the coin upgrades and save all peasants, and even then you're going to barely finish with about 0 coins. It robs the strategy aspect of the game when coupled with the similarly anemic movement. Pretty tedious.

Bro why is the music so good

ran out of money

spending too much money on hiring all troops maybe


Very well done on this game. Congrats

Hey I'm really hyped for this game and I see that it was delayed on steam. Just know that we support you! I can't wait for this awesome game that you are making. Take your time and knock it out of the part! <3

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116 Score on first try. cool.

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first time play score 16, died a few but beat the game its a very cool  game cant wait for full game

heeeey I've been following this game for a lot of time and its awesome the amount of things added in this version, it is really and it breaks my heart every time I have to disband a unit (i kinda miss the great scale of the previuos versiun though, and the epic of fighting a battle you know you can't win). 


I have a comment. The health bar display system on the old prototype was better. I don't like the health number constantly appearing and disappearing for this one. It's confusing

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If you place horsemen down near troops then, before starting the battle, fire them, their +1 move buff still stays.

wait a minute if i use call to arms near the king and then use break free...


I Beat The Final Boss With My Combined Orders And That Looked Epic


That was so fun! It would be great if you bring multiplayer to the game. I wish you continued success

This game is so fun


You can beat the game with only peasants wow


Oh boy, pressing D does a LOT. It ****** so **** of the ******

I would love if it was possible to give orders while the pause is on, like in FTL.


it stucked on "downloading 90%"

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Oh wow, Dragon's Breath lights trenches? That's cool!

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This is a great game,but how do I earn points??Because I cant get farther than the second battle ,and is their a way to restart the game?


Well you earn coins for every battle! Later on also for rescuing civilians. And you can reset the game when you press SpaceBar or pause the game during any battle. There's a button that says "Clear Save Data"!

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But, when I am clicking space bar nothing happens.I dont have any credits and so cant start a battle and so I am not able to restart

You can disband unitys for more credits. Remember, you don't need to hire every single unity to win. Heroes, swordsman and catapults/longbows will easily get you through the first few levels with some good strategy.

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oh ok thanks alot.I didn't know that.


Lol I accidently wrote unity instead of units I've been using unity game engine for WAY too long.


Well since the dev is here I want to tell you personally that I absolutely LOVE the style of the game, it's quite unique. However, the coins system could use some rebalancing as new players tend to go bankrupt before they reach the boss. There should be a tutorial on managing the currency. I also loved the first Winter Falling, it was a fair challenge but I somehow got to the top of the leaderboard (I think)!


This is a pretty fun and very polished coffee-break strategy game.  I really like the clean iconographic aesthetic, and it feels great when your tactics work out just right and you slaughter the entire enemy force with no losses.  The special orders are really satisfying to use and can really turn things around when used wisely.

I wasn't a big fan of the extremely limited movement, as it made the game feel more like tower defense than what I was expecting; this was particularly frustrating when it came to rescuing peasants.  I also found the economy to be very strict, but I assume this is working as intended to put a lot of pressure on unit deployment and dismissal.

I think a possible area for improvement would be in how to play.  I had no clue what I was doing at first, and it took some stumbling to work things out.  There are some mechanics that I'm still not clear on, like how the special orders (e.g. Dragon Breath) are unlocked, how the "reset cooldown" banner works, or exactly what I earned from saving peasants (I think a popup hint said they give you gold, but I still always had virtually nothing after each mission).

Great work!

Each peasant you save gives you one coin. The special orders require tokens to use, which you get from killing the enmies with the round tokens in the corner of their icons. Banners activate when you move units over them. And try to use the upgrades tab to get gold.


Whoa, love this game! The aesthetic is unique and feels great. I love that it feels like you are looking at the battle from a map, like you really are the general of these armies making orders from afar. The mechanics are really easy to grasp, and the progressions feels good. When I was in a tense battle and got to use some of the powerful abilities at a crucial moment, it felt awesome! The UI and music are also very well done and fit the theme perfectly. The only thing that really hung me up for some reason was the icon on the map screen that was pointing at your next battle, I don't know why but it took me a little while to figure out what to click on. Maybe adding an outline to the icon you need to click on to make it stand out would help. Definitely wishlisting this! Would also love to see it on mobile so I could play on the go :) Great job!


Nice game!  :P

Saw that flash player went down so decided to see if i could find some games from my childhood that weren't butchered and found this. Really loved it. Keep it up!

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