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Tippy top of commanders goated

This is awesome! I'll be buying the full version on steam, great work!

dude i remember this game

more games like this? its cool, i like commanding an army

This was wonderful! Took me a  few tries but I personally used the tactic of getting as many trenches as possible and setting up my army in a compact space, I used the fire to take care of the first force and then dragons breathe for the 2nd revived force with calvary charges stopping the 3rd, the crow would hide in the corner, just barely surviving each time. Trenches seem to be key!

An amazing game! I will be supporting you on steam! :)


my strategy was just to make a solid frontline with cavalry in front of them so when I lit the trenches I charged my cavalry through enemy lines and near the king it lured the king towards me so he couldn't raise more troops when he got near me I just held the line and repositioned my troops with infantry push to hold the line and he just eventually died the hard part was the corners because they could just push through them and kill my crow

My strategy for all 3 levels was putting 5 trenches on the right side in a curve, with the 2 spear men and 3 unarmed. Then I put the cavalry and the 3 heroes on the left side, but still close to the others. During the battle, I lit the trenches, and kamikazed one of my heroes toward the king. The king was triggered and started to charge, which is when my horse and 2 heroes finished it.

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Well this... This was a challenge for sure... Specially on phone as i couldn't move some units the way i wanted. Third challenge really was an absolute pain seeing as there was no way for me to cut down on troups losses... Survived with one archer and two herroes. Sad. Also kinda feel wronged that the +1 movement from choosing less trenches, does not apply to the defenseless. Make grabing flag real hard on third challenge. 

Kinda sad i couldn't see a % to tell me how well i did compared to other players who completed all 3 challenges. 


so something weird happened, I put all my troops inside the castle, and after the 3rd time the necromancer raised the dead he hopped on the dragon, then flew directly into battle, an exclamation point appeared on the crow, and then the necromancer just died instantly. finished the 3rd challen too :D


You had not watched last season of game of thrones, didn't you?

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I beat this by pure luck. First, I chose the movement points and built the trenches in the bottom right on the edge of the forest. I put the Crow as on the very bottom right hiding as far back as possible. I chose to get zero units to minimize the enemy and then placed the cavalry and all 3 heroes grouped in front to max their stats and movement. I put the elite and the defenceles sin a line to the right(make sure to put these units and the left as far up as possible). When the battle starts, I use the calvalry charge as efficiently as possible to kill as many enemy units as possible(don't save movement points). After that, I had the infantry charge to also kill as many units as possible and also encircle the troll(again no need to save movement points). With this setup, The king will charge into the encirclement by himself while the rest of the army goes after the crow.

Edit: If this doesn't work, tweek the setup a bit

Pheww we made it alive! A good defense helped. Nice game :D

Hi, I remember that there was developed version of this game, with full campaign, but I can't find it now. Pozdrowienia dla rodaka.

is it impossible???????????

nope, beat it 2 years ago, beat it again today, it's rather easy, just remember:
enemies don't move through lit trenches
charges INSTANTLY kill regular enemies they pass through
dragons breath heals nearby units
Heroes and THE BIRB are boosted by cavalry, cavalry and heroes are boosted by THE BIRB
THE BIRB is very bad at fighting but has 4 default move points and is great at grabbing +1 movement flags (great for infantry!)
the king will charge if you kill about an 8th of his units
waiting will only make the king closer to reviving
infantry can only kill about 4 enemies by default, so taking them is ALMOST NEVER worth it (especially with less movement points)
the enemies can only attack one unit at a time, so if you single out the king or the dragon and surround them with heroes, they're absotively forked
the king will ALSO charge if you get close to him (about 3 movement points up from the spawn area)


Great game! I found a good blitzkrieg strategy early on by placing the cavalry and all 3 heroes grouped in front to max their stats and movement, then plow through half the undead army while collecting ability points to unlock the infantry rest, dragon breath, and hide orders, let the calvary and heroes chip down fodder and king health, prolong with heal of dragon breath while doing damage to big hitters, use heroes hide to hopefully attract aggro of dragon and other troops, pop the rest to buff up the primary concentrated defense of 3 archers, defenseless, elite, catapult, and crow in back. Make use of infantry pushes after the blitzkrieg is over to mop up the rest of the army, and gang up on the king. The execution can be finicky and difficult, but it works!

lost 2/3 of my army but it worked.

just a tip: because in the later stages infantry have only 1 move point, they're basically worthless. do not get extra infantry or archers.

also: you should put the bird with the cavalry, as it and they are boosted by it (it by the cav, cav and heroes by it)


Whats a great idea!!! Im impressed!

i got to the thanks for playing screen and the game was quite easy challenging to get there with my army


bum-rush the king with cavalry

I Cant Change The Slider The Only Things I Can Choose Are 0% (only swords) or 100% (only Bows) pls fix the bug

did you have 1 extra troop, or more?


i only had 1 troop

yeah that means it can only be 100 or 0 if it was 50 would you just slice the troop in half?

my logic was that the troops had 2 hands but i forgot that bows needed 2 hands to be used (one for holding the bow and the other for the arrow) sorry for the trouble

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Downloading 90%, reinstalling the game, launcher, completely deleting the itch/game folders and downloading again, neither fix. same issue on other games, no game will launch past loading screen. this one is stuck at 'Downloading 90%'

How do I reset game data? I'm sick of having the debuffs when I'm trying just to fool around with challenges.

clear cookies and reload


Wait, when it says "you're the tippy top of commanders here", does it mean........... I'M NO.1 ON THE LEADERBOARD????

No.. I feel your pain

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined... or it would be if this wasn't 10 years ago lol


well, you're tied with me and a few others if you also beat the second beta's 2 achievements

so technically


Great game and I show balls by admitting I failed a few times because I was learning the game. Also not gonna spoil tactics for other players who want to try out your game.

Two thumbs up, this is a masterpiece! Thanks for that!


I had a lot of fun here, i dont know if is true, but is the first time that a game says: "You are the top commander here!" Is a beautiful feeling :')

And the game is so simple but sooooo fun, i like very much.

Thanks you for making this game! :D

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Well, I just bombed the first level. But hey, being in the 51st percentile isn't too bad, right?

Okay, I've found that spamming archers is a viable tactic. It's also better to have the cavalry wait until the last second before charging for maximum efficiency.

This game was very fun! I found that the best way to defend was by using cavalry charges and dragon fire to draw the enemy commander's attention so he'll stop resurrecting the undead. Makes sense.


The 'first level'???? There's more than one?

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Yeah there is currently 3+ challenge... But i completed 100% of the challenge the end challenge is called the fate challenge. Good luck in completing all of it. Wanna read what is in the end?

tip: Put all the unit and 1 or 2 bowmen in the castle exept for 3 hero, 3 militia and 1 chavalerie, the 2 hero need near the chavalerie, the other hero must be near the militia, Can only be 1 group of militia, when the undead are close: do a chavalerie charge. light the trench if needed, the trench can be in the everywhere but must be 3 group maximum spearman behind the gate, swordman as a support.

Yes i completed all the challenge like that.

because charging points are subtracted in the later levels, for the last level:
take NO extra infantry
place the trenches at the tippy top of the circle
cavalry goes behind them
heroes beside cav
bird under cav, boosting heroes
elites as far beside the bird as possible with the extra spawn rates
then  you exploit the game until you get 2 rolls right and are good with timing charges
step 1:
light the trench IMMEDIATELY. this must not fail. restart the level if it does.
step 2: wait for the flag to spawn. it must spawn within charge range of the infantry.
whatever infantry does NOT get the flag spawn must be used to shield the bird later, so charge him towards the bird (for the other guy charge the flag). if the flag spawns anywhere else (it shouldn't) restart.
step 3: since enemies cannot move through burning trenches, wait for the trenches to go out. Then for the cavalry to get hit.
step 4: charge. keep the troops tight and try to pincer the king. move the bird behind the elite infantry. if another flag spawns, and you can't kill everything now, try to collect it and then kill everything (in the same charge)
step 5: now use dragons breath on the cav (bundled together) to max out their health and kill stragglers if there are any.
step 6: cross your fingers.

I saw the reference to Game of Thrones without...  Well, I just recognized it without every playing it.  Eternal winter,  that kinda gave it away.  The adds always say "Winter is coming"


It took me four goes to beat the Night King! I guess all that time spent complaining about the battles in movies and video games came in handy.  Pity about the 28800 dead but at least they can't complain!

Haha nice! Well done!

Where are the archers from the prologue level? did you forget to add them?

Oops probably!

Each faction gets their own starting level with their troops. If any of them is missing a banner after that level, that means I forgot haha

had fun finnishing all of the challenges and the end.. I hope to see more from the creator of this game!


Impossible to win !!! Very nice game btw


Great game. Takes a lot of though but is really fun once you figure it out.


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I saw no bugs or problems good game



I did it after 5 attempts I killed the undead king! Very enjoyable and difficult game.

Oh that's fast! Glad you liked it!


The game is cool, but the in-game instructions lack. There are 3 things to note:

(1) Although the instruction seems to suggest either killing the undead king or standing your ground, it is impossible to kill the king as Move Points don't recharge and your units can't reach him.

(2) 'Move' Points aren't actually for movements. Instead, any unit that runs into enemies while consuming Move Points are invincible and deals much more damage.
(3) You can tramp on two units with one 'move'.
After you notice these facts, the game is simple: Maximize your Move Points, always try to make moves that hit 2 enemies, make orders after the undeads are reanimated, and perhaps learn the hidden orders.

you can aggro the king with cavalry, which makes it stop respawning all the undead


Any games like this?

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At first, the game is pretty hard to beat, and that could discourage more casual players from playing , if they just try again and again and still lose,  my suggestion would be adding difficulties such as Easy, Normal, Hard, and impossible.  Other than that, the game has great graphics, and has a lot of potential to grow into something bigger.

Overall, 9/10

Definitely true. I don't watch Game Of Thrones, and I don't recall a time I've ever played a game like this (unless you count those really old "defend the tower from a line of enemies" games), and after 7 attempts, I'm giving up and putting this on my "Don't bother" list. :/

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Great Game! Can't wait for full game but I wish it was a little easier , just a little because challenging games are fun. Maybe you could add assist mode and a story mode for story enthusiasts.

Again, the game is great. I recommend to play this game if you like strategical games         :)

Rating -> 9.8 / 10

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